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R&M Species & Abilities List (Jan 19, 2019 18:42:47 GMT)
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New members & guests please check in here first for all information about our plots, our rules, our updates and the FAQs.
Cupid Mishap Event! (Jan 22, 2019 5:41:11 GMT)
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Always keep an eye on this area! The administration will post in here anything you need to know in regards to site changes.
character creation
Josephine Jane Rochester (Jan 22, 2019 5:47:20 GMT)
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The next stop after creating an account with your character's first name. Come in here to start your application.
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CRITICAL BEAUTY - seoul, sk ❀ kpop ent. ❀ jcink (Jan 22, 2019 12:10:39 GMT)
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Guest friendly. All advertising and affiliating should be done here. Please only bump threads once per month. Proboards, Invisionfree, Zetaboards and JCINK only. Self-hosted sites are at admin discretion.

Member Boards

In the NOLA
December 26th, 2018 (Dec 26, 2018 21:38:50 GMT)
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In the NOLA is a popular blog containing all of the newest information of what is happening around town. Articles will be added as the site timeline progresses so that your characters are always "in the NOLA".
Ability Claims (Jan 19, 2019 18:38:49 GMT)
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Check in here to make sure that the claim you want is not already taken.
Character Development
belle's mood board - i'm terrible at graphics (Jan 22, 2019 6:38:29 GMT)
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All of the best things to add depth and dimension to your character can be found here. This includes the claims page and the time warp area!
Writer's Corner
Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Words Never Stop Me (Jan 20, 2019 7:28:40 GMT)
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Containing one shot posts, future, and past threads.
evOlvd - Bea > Carver (Jan 21, 2019 21:57:37 GMT)
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Everything from cell phones to social media, everything your character needs to keep in touch
Member Lounge
Bree's Post Prettification Station (Jan 21, 2019 4:09:49 GMT)
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Need some entertainment while waiting for an application to be accepted? Waiting for a post back? Stop in here and have fun!
Cupid Mishap Event
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Crackship Event for the month of February!

Primrose Academy

Primrose Records
Primrose Records (Oct 26, 2018 5:27:06 GMT)
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Students and professors can post grades and classes. Important school rules, events and announcements are all posted in here as well.
Primrose Academy
finally live a little (ANDY & NAOMI) finally laugh a little (Jan 20, 2019 7:45:03 GMT)
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Located outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. Primrose Academy is presented to the world as one of the most elite boarding schools. Primrose Academy is the home to the rich, the spoiled, and the supernatural.
Primrose Events
baking up a storm | Joshua (Jan 14, 2019 5:58:25 GMT)
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Events currently taking place at Primrose Academy will be posted in here. Check for updates!
Past Primrose Events
I'm the king (WREN & NOVA) and you're the queen (Jan 3, 2019 4:08:21 GMT)
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Events that are currently over, but still have active threads will be moved here.

Phalanx House

Phalanx Records
Phalanx Records (Oct 26, 2018 5:30:10 GMT)
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Resident records, and all important announcements for the Phalanx Home will be posted in here.
Phalanx House
the patron saint of lost causes (Euphemia) (Jan 21, 2019 5:08:45 GMT)
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Located in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans, Phalanx House is the home to people with abilities who do not have the means to go to Primrose Academy and are not a danger to themselves or others. Phalanx Home homes all people who need a place to go and has a cover of a group home.
Phalanx Events
you gave me something to lose / jaxon (Jan 11, 2019 8:35:21 GMT)
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Events currently taking place at Phalanx House will be posted in here. Check for updates!
Past Phalanx Events
Phalanx Giving Thanks (open to all phalanx people) (Dec 30, 2018 22:05:37 GMT)
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Events that are currently over, but still have active threads will be moved here.

Monroeville Hospital

Hospital Records
Hospital Records (Oct 26, 2018 5:33:09 GMT)
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Patient records are kept here. All important information, events and announcements will be posted here as well.
Monroeville Hospital
runaways are (SOPHIE) running the night (Jan 20, 2019 21:03:35 GMT)
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Home to those with the more dangerous abilities, patients learn to use their abilities, or how to repress them completely. It is often said that once you get into Monroeville, you can never get out.
Monroeville Events
deck the halls (MONROEVILLE RESIDENTS) with boughs of holly (Dec 26, 2018 7:05:17 GMT)
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Events currently taking place at Monroeville Hospital will be posted in here. Check for updates!
Past Monroeville Events
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Events that are currently over, but still have active threads will be moved here.

Outside World

you make a fool of death (MALLORY) with your beauty (Jan 22, 2019 0:25:19 GMT)
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Louisiana is a southeastern U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the state's lands were formed from sediment washed down the Mississippi River, leaving enormous deltas and vast areas of coastal marsh and swamp. Its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures is reflected in its spicy cuisine, French dialect and bluesy zydeco.
Outside of Louisiana
A Nightmare of Ash and Bone | Aisling (Jan 10, 2019 1:03:07 GMT)
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The world is a beautiful place and needs to be explored! If you're interested in getting a new board, please PM an admin.


Character Archives
Damion Lee Freeland (Jan 15, 2019 5:06:06 GMT)
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Here is where you can find characters who are no longer being used.
Thread Archives
King&Millie (Jan 15, 2019 1:36:57 GMT)
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Here is where you can find threads that are complete, inactive, or no longer needed.